In our series, “Ask the Realtor”, we are featuring realtors with years of experience and expertise who are answering questions that will help you prepare your home for the market. There are many things a seller needs to know before they list their home, and we’re turning to the experts

We all have them, the mementos from days gone by that remind us of a time where things were different. Perhaps it’s the high school yearbook collection, the trophies from baseball championships or the wedding dress. Our basements, closets and garages become storage areas for things we will never use

In a previous article, we covered how to price your items. In this article, we’ll look at where to sell your items.
There are several ways you can sell your items, many of which you already know. For instance, having a garage sale is a common way to sell items

We had a wonderful experience with a current client and felt it important to share. Let’s call her Ms. White.
Ms. White is 92 and was considering moving into a retirement community when she called us for some assistance. She had a lovely condo in which she had been living

It’s time to downsize or declutter your home.  But where do you start?
Here is a simple process that you can follow that will help you get from where you are now to where you need to be.  Remember, to start is to get closer to the finish!

CBC Ottawa’s “All In a Day” radio show host Alan Neal interviews Janet Gray, president of CARP (Canadian Association of Retired Persons) on the most recent tax credit offered to seniors due to the rising energy costs.  Listen to Neal and Gray discuss this important topic.
Running time is 9:17

As an adult who’s parents are aging, it’s normal to wonder if they will have enough financially to support themselves.  In this podcast, Janet Gray, B.A, B.Admin, CFP, RHU, EPC, PRP, discusses with us things you can do to open the dialogue with your parents to ensure they are doing

In this podcast, financial planner, elder planning counsellor Janet Gray discusses with us some concerns Boomers may have when it comes to their retirement funds.  There are options available and Janet sheds some light on them.
Running time: 6:36 mins.