Continuing the series in helping our parents and aging loved ones to make the decision to downsize and/or move, this video covers the five key things to consider before downsizing. Remember, you do not have to do it alone. We are here to help.


You want to help your parents live safely in their home. You also know it may be time for them to downsize to a smaller home or retirement residence. How can you help when your aging parents refuse your help?
1. Acknowledge how they feel. This may be a difficult time for them,

Jane came to me four and a half years ago.  She had started to think it was time to move and she wanted some guidance and some help.  She had just turned 89.
This week’s video showcases some of the things that she did right in planning for her eventual

Separation & divorce is an extremely challenging and overwhelming time in the lives of those who are going through it. We can’t express how much we sympathize with our clients and their families who are faced with such a difficult time in their lives.
To help with the burden of

This is a question we hear almost every day.  We receive phone calls at the office, we get this question on our Facebook page and our clients and their families ask us daily what they can do with their gently used furniture and household items.
The sad reality is that

Your mother is moving into a retirement residence and you’re looking at her dining room set, which includes a china cabinet of fine china, silverplated serving sets and crystal glassware. You are sure they are worth money but you’re just not sure how much.
Despite what these items were paid