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As she sat on the edge of her bed, in her 20×20 suite, I could tell that she really was anxious and wanted to leave.
“I’m not happy here”, she said desperately as she looked into my eyes. “I want to go back home!”
Mrs. Jones called me on a

Are you struggling with maintaining the cleanliness of your home or is a loved one unable to keep up with the demands of caring for their residence? Would pet sitting services, carpet cleaning or home checks be something you could use for yourself or a loved one?
At Moving Forward

This is a question that you may be asking yourself.  It may also be a question that your family may be asking too.
There is no doubt that coming to the decision that “it’s time” is a very difficult one.  Wanting to stay in a home that we have lived

When I had my women’s personal development organization from 2002-2008, the foundational piece of what we stood for was being there for each other as we moved forward with our goals and aspirations. It was a group that was supportive, caring and we kept each other accountable for what was

It’s the New Year, an opportunity to start fresh, plan ahead and take advantage of all the exciting opportunities that are to come. It’s an incredible time where we feel the desire to move forward in all the right ways, leaving behind unhealthy habits, procrastination and negative thinking.
But for

Jennifer Beck is the founder of Advanced Wellness Coaching and is a nutrition and wellness expert whose main focus is on helping families and individuals over the age of 40, live healthier by eliminating the need for medications through simple diet and lifestyle changes.
Based on her own personal experience