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When it comes to hosting successful estate sales, Rita Woll walks the walk. As the owner of Yellow Tag Household Sales, Rita finds herself helping families and individuals on a regular basis liquidate personal belongings in the most effective way.
In this podcast, Rita shares a couple of her

Rita Woll, owner of Yellow Tag Household Sales, has seen many people attempt to host estate and tag sales on their own only to be left disappointed or short-changed during the process.
In order to avoid those common mistakes, Rita shares her insights in this podcast to help you have

If you’ve considered hosting your own estate or tag sale and would like to know what are some of the common pros and cons of doing so, Rita Woll, owner of Yellow Tag Household Sales would like to help.
She is an experienced professional who has hosted estate and tag

If you are faced with having to empty a loved one’s home but you’re not sure if you should host a garage sale or a tag sale, this podcast may help.
Rita Woll is the owner of Yellow Tag Household Sales and has years of experiences assisting families in selling

Let’s be honest.  Not everyone, or better yet, seldom people have the time to clean their entire home, including closets, cupboards and beneath a stairwell regularly.  It’s one of those things you do once a year at best and don’t think about until it’s time to move, reorganize or renovate.