Sylvie Joanisse: Team Lead

Sylvie Joanisse: Team Lead

Someone asked me recently ‘Why did you become a Home Transition Specialist with Moving Forward Matters?’ The truth is, I started working with MFM to offer some much needed relief to my fellow ‘sandwich generationers’. You know the story…Drop your toddler off at daycare, your child at school, race to work only to be called away by an ailing parent. And all that before 8:30 AM! Tend to your parent’s needs, rush back to work to an ever growing pile of pending deliverables, work through lunch, leave for the day with your laptop in one hand and files in the other. (Breathe) The conversation at the dinner table is a blur and you fall asleep in our child’s bed while tucking them in. You crawl into bed past midnight and stay awake worrying about having to manage your parent’s move. Oh, let’s not forget about the stranger next to you; you know… your spouse…Sound familiar?

If you were to ask me why I continue to work as a Home Transition Specialist, my answer would be very different. My focus has shifted to my clients and their needs; what their biggest pain points are and how I can help them rise to the challenge of downsizing.

WHAT is my driving force? My desire to help people by finding the appropriate solution for their situation. My goals are to develop, introduce, implement and apply best practices for this industry. Then, with those best practices as a foundation, develop a personalized formula for each client that will get them to the desired end result in the most effective and efficient way possible.

WHAT makes this so special for me? My clients have become my teachers in so many ways. I always wanted a career with opportunities for continuous professional growth. Little did I know that every client would contribute to my success and evolution in such a meaningful way.

Everyone has a story to tell. I want to listen.