As an only child, my mother was alone in helping her parents as they aged. My grandmother developed early onset Alzheimer’s when I was in my teens. I remember going to the long-term care facility to help with her feeding and care. My mother downsized my grandfather from his four-bedroom home to a retirement home, before “downsizing” was a thing. My mother leaned on me for emotional support and for physical help, and now, after all of these years, I’m helping her as she ages.

I’m a graphic designer/marketing consultant by trade, and my husband and I own a renovation company that has a growing clientele of seniors and their families. In 2012, things really shifted for me. With my personal life experiences with my mom and other family members, and what I was seeing in the industry, I saw a definite need to start helping seniors and their families find what they needed in services to help them through the transitional phase of aging.

I started Focus on Seniors, a business registry and network of businesses, services and products that cater to seniors and their families. It was the perfect fit and the community grew, as did our stream of referrals.

Today, my love of helping seniors and their loved ones has grown so much that it is who I am and not only what I do. As I step into the role of Managing Director at Moving Forward Matters, I know that my business and life experiences will be an asset to the families that we serve, and I will continue to do what I love, helping others through times of transition while they find the support and care they need as they move forward.

To book your in-home consultation, contact us and Sue and our team will be happy to support you through your home transition.