As soon as I read the job posting for this position, I knew it was exactly what I wanted and needed to be doing in the next chapter of my life. I absolutely love to organize, sort, pack and be of service to others. I love working closely with young and old and everyone in between. I’m very meticulous and detail oriented. I take great pride in my work and get total satisfaction in helping others in whatever they need done. I don’t mind rolling up the sleeves and jumping in with both feet to get the job done.
So here I am… very new to this team of amazing, caring, compassionate and non-judgmental persons ready to help you transition to your new home or organize your existing home.

I have gone through my own personal experience with my elderly parents who are now no longer with us. They went from their three bedroom home into a small retirement residence. All the clearing out and sorting of their personal belongings was all done with great care and respect. It’s not easy to let go of things that you have collected all your life but it needed to be done. We all have lots of ‘stuff’ that we really don’t need or use. It’s actually very freeing and uplifting once you clear away the clutter and simplify to what really matters.

I am currently looking after my 88-year-“young” mother-in-law. She is still in her own home but is needing more and more help. I’m taking her to all her medical appointments, handling the maintenance and cleaning of her home and slowly going through things to clear away what is no longer needed.

I am truly blessed to be married to a wonderful man for the past 32 years. We have two handsome and intelligent young men, aged 20 and 18 who we are both very proud of.

I am totally passionate in making a difference in the lives of others. I hope that you will invite me into your life, such that I can help you in however you need. It would be a privilege to be of service to you.

Life is precious. Time is priceless. Allow me to help you clear away the clutter so you have more time to enjoy life with your loved ones!

To book your in-home consultation, contact us and Maria and our team will be happy to support you through your home transition.