Lucille Bouthillier: Team Lead

Lucille Bouthillier: Team Lead

With twenty years of caregiver experience, I know that this is my intended vocation.

Having to sort through downsizing, moving, and taking care of a sick and disabled person  taught me a lot of lessons. With this knowledge I instinctively know how to help when working with our clients.

Being a Home Transition Specialist is a different kind of caregiver. It provides me with a place where I can be of service to others, caring for their home transition, downsizing & organizing needs, all while providing the mental and emotional stimulation that helps me in my personal cargiving role. The friendships cultivated with our clients and their families are beyond description.

What I like about working at Moving Forward Matters is the continuous favorable results at the completion of each project. It is exhilarating when we see the relief, the joy, and the enthusiasm of our clients when they or their loved ones are settled into their new home, happy and content.

Seniors and their families rely on secure, caring, knowledgeable, and qualified resources such as the Moving Forward Matter professionals. We do it well.

I look forward to continually helping families get the assistance they need to have a safe, stress-free, and happy journey to the next phase of their lives. Moving forward does matter.