Over the past year and a half, I have had the pleasure of working with Pierette and Moving Forward Matters.
I have had experiences as a personal trainer and life coach to many seniors for over ten years and realized that listening to and helping people is something that brings me great fulfillment and satisfaction.  I have moved six times in the past ten years and have learned that purging and downsizing requires a lot of work physically but more emotionally for many people.
Letting go of “things” is a real struggle for most people but is a necessary part of downsizing. Understanding the emotions that many go through during this process and watching how happy, refreshed and rewarded they feel after the process is finished is such an exhilarating feeling for both myself and the clients we help.
Listening to and understanding from my own experiences and those of the clients I have helped through Moving Forward Matters makes working in this field an excellent fit for me. I look forward to helping you during your next home transition.
To book your in-home consultation, contact us and Sue and our team will be happy to support you through your home transition.