Having “the” talk with your adult children regarding your wishes and how you would like their inheritance to be divided is never an easy subject to broach.  However, experience has shown that families who do prepare in advance leave their children with less issues to resolve and more peace and

It can be very intimidating when looking for retirement housing due to very nature of the costs and affordability of residences and communities.  In this podcast, Janet Gray, B.A., B. Admin., CFP, RHU, EPC, financial planner and elder planning counselor, shares with us some financial solutions that can help make retirement housing affordable.

If you have ever considered or are wondering if you can age at home, this podcast is sure to answer some of the questions you may have and also may provide you with the solutions you may be looking for or need.
In this podcast, we speak to Irene

CBC Ottawa’s “All In a Day” radio show host Alan Neal interviews Janet Gray, president of CARP (Canadian Association of Retired Persons) on the most recent tax credit offered to seniors due to the rising energy costs.  Listen to Neal and Gray discuss this important topic.
Running time is 9:17

As our population continues to age and we are faced with making decisions as to how to care for our loved ones and ourselves, long-term care planning is becoming a very important subject.
As a matter of fact, according to Statistics Canada, one in ten by age 55, three

The Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) is an organization that helps boomers and zoomers age well in our country.  On this podcast, Janet Gray, the chair of the Ottawa chapter of CARP, joins us to share with us what CARP is all about and how it can benefit you

In this podcast, financial planner, elder planning counsellor Janet Gray discusses with us some concerns Boomers may have when it comes to their retirement funds.  There are options available and Janet sheds some light on them.
Running time: 6:36 mins.