The sandwich generation is defined as adults who are not only raising and supporting their own kids, but they’re also caring for an aging or sick parent. It’s a huge load to bear without support and proper resources.
One third of Canadians are caring for an aging loved one. How

We often get asked to share in great detail what we do as home transition specialists at Moving Forward Matters, Home Transitions for Families & Seniors​.
Our team is a highly specialized team, trained in the art of moving, organizing and staging your home and belongings. The work we do goes beyond

Winter has arrived early and for some, in a very fierce way. Just seeing the photos from what the Buffalo area residents have had to deal with and hearing that another onslaught of snow is on its way, prompted us to share some tips to help you ensure your loved

Terry Earthwind Nichols  is the founder of Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression™ (CR),  a  technique he developed from his experience as a Navy Profiler, Commissioned Steven Minister, and Grief Counselor. In this podcast, he shares how we can move through our stress, grief and overwhelm by using this technique that he shares.

Christine Forget is the owner of Solva Senior Living, an Ottawa-based company specializing in helping families and individuals find the perfect retirement residence or senior housing solution for them.
With years of experience working, managing and directing within local senior housing since 1996, Christine’s deep passion for helping families find

Are you struggling with maintaining the cleanliness of your home or is a loved one unable to keep up with the demands of caring for their residence? Would pet sitting services, carpet cleaning or home checks be something you could use for yourself or a loved one?
At Moving Forward

No words can ever express how deeply saddened we are for the loss and devastation of the loved ones in Newtown, Connecticut today, Friday, December 14th, 2012.
What started out as a normal day for many of us turned into a day of tragedy, disbelief and heartbreak for all.

“It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life. And I’m feeling good!”
Oh…you gotta love Michael Buble and his sweet sounding voice. This is the song that has been playing in my head over and over since last Friday as the new website, logo, programs and