Preserve Your Memories

Thanksgiving weekend is upon us and it’s tradition to spend time with family while enjoying a delicious turkey dinner and all the fixings.
As you prepare for the celebration ahead, think of ways to honour your family traditions not only this weekend but regularly.  What can you do weekly or

Walk into any home and you’ll immediately see which rooms are used most often by the “stuff” that is in it. Bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens are the most used rooms in every home and they are the ones that “showcase” the way most people live. They also harbour

After the tragic loss of losing most of what she owned on May 22, 2011 in the deadliest tornado in U.S. history, Ann Leach created a way for people from around the world to help in their healing all while making a difference in the lives of thousands.  Her movement

When I had my women’s personal development organization from 2002-2008, the foundational piece of what we stood for was being there for each other as we moved forward with our goals and aspirations. It was a group that was supportive, caring and we kept each other accountable for what was

“The mental and physical space we create by letting go of things that belong in our past give us the option to fill the space with something new.”
~ Susan Fay West
Oh-is that a powerful quote? It’s not easy to let go of things of the past, including the

When we were younger, it seemed like the more stuff we had, the better off we were.  Sure, there were the toys for the kids, clothes to keep them warm and all the photos to go along with the memories of  passed seasons.
Now that we are getting older, there

When we are preparing to downsize our home, move into another residence or cleaning out a loved one’s home following their death, we often come across shoe boxes filled with old photos that we do not know how to preserve and showcase.
There are services available, like the one Kim