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It’s that time of year again, and although we are mostly living life in quarantine, it is the perfect time to open the windows, put on some music, and give our homes a good cleaning.
Before you get started, here are five tips that will make this year’s spring cleaning

Winter has arrived early and for some, in a very fierce way. Just seeing the photos from what the Buffalo area residents have had to deal with and hearing that another onslaught of snow is on its way, prompted us to share some tips to help you ensure your loved

Linda Vettrus-Nichols is an expert at helping men and women break through psychological obstacles that have kept them feeling victimized, stuck and out of control.  Through her work, alongside her husband, Terry Earthwind Nichols, she assists her clients to break free from the emotional and psychological barriers that keep them

It’s been a long winter! No one will disagree nor will they argue that many are beginning to get truly fed up with it. The cold. The snow. The dreary days without sunlight.
As we care for our loved ones, and ourselves, it is so very important to be conscious

It’s summer!  The time of year where we get to relax, spend more time outdoors and enjoy all that the warm weather brings.
The unfortunate reality for many of our senior family members and friends is that heat can be devastating, and sometimes  fatal.
To ensure your loved ones are

When I had my women’s personal development organization from 2002-2008, the foundational piece of what we stood for was being there for each other as we moved forward with our goals and aspirations. It was a group that was supportive, caring and we kept each other accountable for what was

Fiona Fine is on a mission to bring the fun back into dating – at any age – whether your married, single, divorced or widowed!  She wants every woman to feel sexy, vibrant and worthy of some dating fun!

Fiona Fine the Sr. Managing Partner and founder of and she is

Tired of feeling tired? Tired of how you look in the mirror? Need a boost to how you feel inside and out?
J. Lee Rabiner is the owner & creator of Strategically You. She is an image & style coach who works with professional women to help them sculpt their