Estate Planning

We come across many families who are dealing with end of life matters for their loved one or they are now dealing with their estate. Often, so many challenges and heartbreaking fights within siblings and other loved ones could be avoided if Advance Care Planning was discussed prior to the

The sandwich generation is defined as adults who are not only raising and supporting their own kids, but they’re also caring for an aging or sick parent. It’s a huge load to bear without support and proper resources.
One third of Canadians are caring for an aging loved one. How

Jane came to me four and a half years ago.  She had started to think it was time to move and she wanted some guidance and some help.  She had just turned 89.
This week’s video showcases some of the things that she did right in planning for her eventual

In a previous article, we covered how to price your items. In this article, we’ll look at where to sell your items.
There are several ways you can sell your items, many of which you already know. For instance, having a garage sale is a common way to sell items

When I had my women’s personal development organization from 2002-2008, the foundational piece of what we stood for was being there for each other as we moved forward with our goals and aspirations. It was a group that was supportive, caring and we kept each other accountable for what was

When we were younger, it seemed like the more stuff we had, the better off we were.  Sure, there were the toys for the kids, clothes to keep them warm and all the photos to go along with the memories of  passed seasons.
Now that we are getting older, there

We had a wonderful experience with a current client and felt it important to share. Let’s call her Ms. White.
Ms. White is 92 and was considering moving into a retirement community when she called us for some assistance. She had a lovely condo in which she had been living