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In our series, “Ask the Realtor”, we are featuring realtors with years of experience and expertise who are answering questions that will help you prepare your home for the market. There are many things a seller needs to know before they list their home, and we’re turning to the experts

Mr. Smith came to us following the death of his wife a few years ago. He had met another woman and he was now ready to move forward into a new home to begin the next chapter of his life.
As I watched him sitting in his favourite chair staring

Tired of feeling tired? Tired of how you look in the mirror? Need a boost to how you feel inside and out?
J. Lee Rabiner is the owner & creator of Strategically You. She is an image & style coach who works with professional women to help them sculpt their

Journaling has been known to help many through very challenging and emotional times.  Giving space to putting thoughts and experiences down on paper provides an opportunity to release emotional and physical stress that comes with transitions.
Here are our recommendations for journaling:

Start with the intent that journaling is