Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s that time of year again, and although we are mostly living life in quarantine, it is the perfect time to open the windows, put on some music, and give our homes a good cleaning. Before you get started, here are five tips that will make this year’s spring cleaning experience one that will be […]

Reaching out to your neighbours – COVID-19

In the past 24 hours, there have been numerous ways communities have been coming together to help the vulnerable and those in need. It’s been incredible to see how many people are putting initiatives in place to be there for others. Two of these initiatives are the Kindness Cards and the Circle of Love. Both […]

Advance Care Planning – Are You Ready?

We come across many families who are dealing with end of life matters for their loved one or they are now dealing with their estate. Often, so many challenges and heartbreaking fights within siblings and other loved ones could be avoided if Advance Care Planning was discussed prior to the initial crisis. To help you […]

How to Have Caregiving Conversations Early

The sandwich generation is defined as adults who are not only raising and supporting their own kids, but they’re also caring for an aging or sick parent. It’s a huge load to bear without support and proper resources. One third of Canadians are caring for an aging loved one. How can we know when the […]

Ask the Realtor: What Sellers Need to Know with Gord McCormick

In our series, “Ask the Realtor”, we are featuring realtors with years of experience and expertise who are answering questions that will help you prepare your home for the market. There are many things a seller needs to know before they list their home, and we’re turning to the experts for their advice. What is […]

Help! My Spouse is a Hoarder!

This may be you: You are feeling overwhelmed and exasperated by the ‘stuff’ your spouse keeps. Too many tools, books, papers, clothes, trinkets, or ‘collectables’. There is just too much STUFF! In fact, you are so FED UP that you are ready to just throw it all out! Before you go to that extent, here […]

Moving Through the Waves of Grief

Grief hits us in waves. We can be feeling a sense of peace in one moment and then be hit with a tsunami of heavy emotions. What do you do in times when the wave of grief hits? Here are five suggestions that may help: What You Can Do 1. Shut off outside distractions, including […]

How to Let Go of Items with Precious Memories

We all have them, the mementos from days gone by that remind us of a time where things were different. Perhaps it’s the high school yearbook collection, the trophies from baseball championships or the wedding dress. Our basements, closets and garages become storage areas for things we will never use again, and yet, we keep […]