Are My Aging Parents Financially OK?

As an adult who’s parents are aging, it’s normal to wonder if they will have enough financially to support themselves.  In this podcast, Janet Gray, B.A, B.Admin, CFP, RHU, EPC, PRP, discusses with us things you can do to open the dialogue with your parents to ensure they are doing ok financially. Running time: 5:55 […]

Retirement Money – Will There Be Enough?

In this podcast, financial planner, elder planning counsellor Janet Gray discusses with us some concerns Boomers may have when it comes to their retirement funds.  There are options available and Janet sheds some light on them. Running time: 6:36 mins.

No Need to Clean Before the Clean-Out

Let’s be honest.  Not everyone, or better yet, seldom people have the time to clean their entire home, including closets, cupboards and beneath a stairwell regularly.  It’s one of those things you do once a year at best and don’t think about until it’s time to move, reorganize or renovate. When it comes to our […]

When It’s Hard to Let Go

A friend of mine lost her father several years ago.  Her mother, who is a dear Italian woman, has not let go of her husband’s items.  She still has a closet full of his clothing and a basement filled with items he once used.  For her, it’s unthinkable to let go of what brings back […]