Moving, downsizing, or emptying a loved one’s home requires careful planning and an exhaustive list of things to do. And coordinating with many other people is physically and emotionally taxing.

We help families & seniors gracefully transition to a new home



We offer both practical moving services and more importantly, the emotional support needed so you are not alone or overwhelmed throughout the process.


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"The Founder and Director of Moving Forward Matters, Pierette Raymond, helped enormously to get things organized six years ago when my mother, sister and myself merged our three households into one. Her knowledgeable, calm, logical, organized approach was buffered by a natural friendliness and a kind understanding, combined with a lively humor that helped smooth things along until the entire mess actually made sense. Since then, Pierette's team has helped us several times with various challenges, with my most recent project being another move to yet another residence when my ability to pack and unpack my belongings was very limited. Of course, Moving Forward Matters was the first solution that came to mind, and the team that Pierette assigned came through on all fronts with flying colours. I am in awe of how incredibly much was accomplished, and how quickly Michele and Amanda put things to rights to the extent that I can relax and finish the little bits myself, because all of the "big stuff" is done, and done beautifully. I will continue to recommend Moving Forward Matters to anyone and everyone as a vital resource that can be relied on to deliver  

"Excellent communication, smooth planning and execution of the move plus the personal touch that is so important for the family. The pictures of the belongings and itemized lists per box are so helpful. Thank you for a job very well done."

"Very good, caring, personalized, friendly service!"

"Quick response to our original request, clarified the deliverables, worked unsupervised, called upon completion."

"My MFM ladies were very friendly, knowledgable and helpful. They were fast and effecient"

"They did a great job.they met my house looks great and well organized.i highly recommend moving foward

"Lucille was knowledgeable and very pleasant to deal with. She and Michelle did a wonderful job of setting up the apartment. The looks on my parent-in-law's faces as they walked into their new retirement apartment and saw so many of their belongings from Toronto was wonderful. Many thanks, Peter & Judith"

Pierrette and her team were quite literally a godsend. Their services were worth every penny. Both my brother and I live in different cities from our aging mother who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimers and needed to leave her home. The thought of dealing with the logistical challenges to pack up our mom’s house, on top of the emotional stress of dealing with her health issues, was daunting to say the least. Pierrette and her team came into the house and literally did everything efficiently and smoothly even though furniture needed to go to four different family members across two provinces. Without her, this transition would have been exceedingly difficult and emotionally draining. My family can’t thank her enough for all the professional help and support through this trying time.

I was in need of assistance to help sell and empty my father’s home. I was very anxious as he was in the hospital following a fall. Since I do not live in Ottawa, I was trying to manage all things from a distance. I really appreciated your professionalism and your ability to start on such short notice. What impressed me the most was that you were organized and had a great staff. You were also connected to other companies (i.e. 1-800-GOT-JUNK?) and you provided support and encouragement, as well as professional services. You provided “the personal touch”. I highly recommend your services. You are #1 and you are the only service of this type that others looking for help should consider calling. I would like to emphasize the professional, organized and supportive atmosphere that your presence created. Thank you for the emotional support you provided. You listened, you cared, you were very empathetic and sympathetic in a very difficult time. Thank you!

We met at a presentation you  did at a local retirement home. I was doing a lot of soul searching about making my move to the retirement home particularly because I had 41 years of accumulating things. I was impressed by your efficiency and ability to sort and pack in a friendly, pleasant and competent manner. You have a superior level of expertise and you met every requirement I had. You did all the work and took a great deal off of my mind. Even ensuring I didn’t go thirsty. Thank you Lucille & Susan! I could not have done it on my own! (I’d still be doing it!)